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Online courses for physiotherapists

The benefits of e-learning

e-Learning provides a consistent delivery platform for skills acquisition and provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional forms of training.

Our e-learning platform is easy to navigate, allowing learners to gain knowledge quickly, whatever their IT ability. With all courses accessible 24 hours a day. You can can train at your own pace, at a time that is convenient for you.


If you are already using our e-learning and have a technical enquiry please contact the Physioseminars.

Courses on manual therapy topics.


These are modular courses.

Within in each module - where appropriate - the content will be written, photographic, and video of the techniques being covered.
Students are free to download material while they are on the course. The modules are time-limited, so downloads can only be done in that time. If the module is not completed on time the student cannot continue further on the course, as each module needs to be completed and the accompanying exam passed.
Each module has to be passed by a short quiz in order to move on to the next.
On completion of all the modules a certificate of completion is awarded. Modules can be undertaken individually, wth the attainment of a certificate of completion, or they can be done as parts of the whole course.


 Course structure:

At the beginning of the course there is a review of the anatomy and physiology (this is optional, but will help). The first examined section is on subjective assessment, clinical reasoning, and hypothesis generation.
The next section is on objective assessment. This includes observation, palpation, evaluation of active range of movement and passive range of movement. Sepcial tests are included when relevant.
The following section is on  the treatment options available to the therapists, specifically manual therapy to the joints, muscles, and nerves. Consideration is also given to functional adaptation and exercise regimes.
Once the above modules have been successfully completed there are case studies availabe for the students to hone their skills
Finally there is an exam covering the topics covered. This must be passed for the issuing of a certificate of completion, and the accompanying CPD hours.

lumbar small

Lumbar spine

shoulder small



Cervical spine